Together, We Reach Farther!

"Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the Lord your God that He has given you."

- Deuteronomy 16:17

It is your generosity that allows us to do what we do. Every bit helps, so thank you so much for your contribution.


Use the link below to make your one-time gift, or to set up repeat giving. (Note: Pending name change, you'll see your transaction labeled as "Oakley Church")


Returning a portion of what we have been blessed with is a part of our regular worship services on Sunday mornings. There are giving stations located at the front of the sanctuary on campus.

Mail Your Gift

You can mail your gift directly to Revive Church by sending a check to:

Oakley Church

4246 Empire Ave. Unit 3

Oakley, CA 94561

** Please note: Pending our official name change, all checks should still be made payable to "Oakley Church"

Why Give?

The simple answer is that we believe everything we have comes from God in the first place. We give because we believe God has entrusted us to be leaders for hope in our church and our community.

Because of this...

  • We give cheerfully back to the Lord a small portion of the things he has blessed us with.
  • We give generously because the Lord has treated us generously.
  • We give frequently as a constant reminder of the Lord's constant grace.