Our Vision

Upcoming events, ministries, & a little bit about us!

The Heart of Revive

At Revive Church, our heartbeats for what church was always meant to be --- An encounter with Jesus that reshapes the hope and identity of who we all are and an awakening to a relationship with a God who passionately loves us!

Church isn’t about a building. It’s about telling all who will listen about the relentless love of a Father who sees and responds to us, His kids. Whether we are connecting online, in our homes (which we love), or in a building- – you are family to us! 

If you’ve said yes to Jesus or if you are unsure of what ‘this’ is all about, stick around! We love you right where you are, for who you are, and all that you will become. Truth is, God does too!

Vision Statements of Revive

We believe in Living Kindly

We believe in Giving Generously

We believe in Fervent Worship

We believe in Loving Radically

We believe in Making Things Better